Enabling the Future of Marketing-Tech

Embrace advanced technology to shape the future of global customer acquisition, empowering you to optimise, automate, and accomplish more with less, strengthening your internal systems and utilisation.



Combining lead search, CRM, and marketplace functionalities to drive new sales and cross-sell to existing customers.

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Empower your database to intelligently search and rank prospects, understand their personalities, and contextualise your outreach campaigns.

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Integrated Outreach

Make calls, send texts and emails, book appointments and engage on LinkedIn—all from within the platform, ensuring centralised tracking of all prospect communications.

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Unified Insights

Comprehensive insights into your marketing and branding campaigns, prospect engagement, and outreach efforts.

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White-label Solution

Your Proposition, Our Tech Stack : Customisable to Fit Your Needs, Engineered for Scalability.

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Develop Account-Based Approach

Purplent Marketing Hub

Establish a culture of account-based marketing and lead generation using your ideal customer profiles. Leverage the largest contact database, technology, methods, and APIs to connect with the right people, maximising your marketing efforts and driving success. Our account-based funnel strategy targets key decision-makers with a focused approach.


Embrace AI & Automation

Deploy "Scouty"

Choose Scouty, our AI-modeled Digital Marketer, or build your custom model for automating tasks such as sourcing, screening, and interest checks. The highlight is Scouty's continuous learning and enhanced efficiency, allowing your core team to concentrate on prospect engagement and strategy

Build Integrated Outreach

Purplent Engagement Hub

Communicate through call, text, email, Zoom, Calendly, and LinkedIn messaging, all from a single platform. This creates a centralised communication hub, facilitating seamless engagement with prospects for efficient tracking and follow-up.


Purplent Marketing-Hub

Quantifying Impact Of Technology on Hiring Matrics

Measure the true impact of AI, automation, and API integration on enhancing your marketing metrics accurately and comprehensively.


Increase in Reach

leverage advanced prospect targeting and automation to expand audience engagement.


Efficiency Gains

Automate tasks like searching, qualifying and interest check to boosts operational efficiency and productivity


ROI Enhancement

Through precise analytics and targeted strategies, optimise your campaigns, resulting in ROI improvements.

Adaptable to Your Ecosystem.

With over 31 integrations to date, we fit right in, seamlessly integrating into your tech stack and adapting effortlessly for smooth operations.



Solutions & Services

A strong lead generation system requires a robust marketing ecosystem. As a HubSpot specialists, we ensure our system integrates beautifully with HubSpot, optimising marketing and sales efforts for maximum impact.


HubSpot Implementation

Seamlessly set up and configure HubSpot to fit your business needs.


CRM Management

Customise and manage your HubSpot CRM for optimal sales and marketing alignment.


Workflow Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and processes within HubSpot to improve efficiency, save time, and ensure consistency.


HubSpot COS Development

Design and optimise custom website templates, landing pages, and email templates.


Marketing Hub

Enhance ads, emails, social media, workflows, landing pages, web pages, blogs, files, CTAs, campaigns, SEO & projects.


Sales Hub

Streamline your sales processes with tools for email tracking, meeting scheduling, and pipeline management.


Hire A Marketer


Our solution is underpinned by a Talent Marketplace for Marketers, providing seamless access to On-Demand Marketers, Content Creators, Designers, SEO Consultants and HubSpot specialists for full-time, part-time, and freelance roles, all through a unified platform.

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