Recruitment Process Re-engineering

As the Baby Boomer generation exits the workforce steadily over the next 10 years, sourcing new candidates will become a tenuous task. Companies that understand the impending scarcity of candidates and can Re-engineer their process will have a marked advantage in acquiring talent.

At Purplent, We believe that one key to properly Re-engineer will shift the current focus from experience to talent. This fundamental change will be precipitated by the need to develop talent as opposed to hiring experience. The experienced candidate will become a product of a supply and demand marketplace. There will be more demand with less supply, which leads to increased wages. The highly successful, extremely experienced candidate will be able to take a free agent approach to their job search. They will be able to select from multiple offers and leverage the best overall package.

Purplent is helping its clients deal with this shift in hiring focus with outside the box process reengineering techniques. Our Clients are successfully able to release out-dated, stereotypical approaches and embrace the tactics needed in todayís market.

We have developed solutions that companies can integrate into their process today to begin the shift towards a reliable and repeatable hiring strategy. One of our best solutions is to introduce measurement of intrinsic traits in a candidate that not even the most skilful interviewer can ascertain. All interviewers bring biases to the process. A validated assessment tool given to viable candidates provides a strong insulator for any hiring process. The tests do not introduce biases and generate objective information.

Most companies have seen the significant shift in hiring that has occurred with the advent of Internet-based technology over the past 10 years. This fundamental realignment has already rooted itself into the economy. The next seismic shift is already underway as the Baby Boomer generation begins its exit from the full-time workforce..

Contact Us and we can help you adjust your hiring process and adapt to the changing landscape in the evolving marketplace.