IT Projects Offshoring

Today many organisations have decided to move their IT development offshore to reduce costs and increase competitiveness. The cost savings in offshoring is considerable but the headline saving is only a small part of the equation. At Purplent, We have masted this art of project management through offshoring and having executed many projects in India , China and Russia over the past year, we have developed project management capabilities that can hep you seamless execute project offshore to these locations.

Our methodology covers six key elements that can tackle most of the issues with offshore outsourcing.

1. Understanding the Culture

This is possibly the most complex area and takes time to understand. Without a good understanding of the culture it's easy for things to go wrong. This is where our highly trained and experienced project managers help. We can tell you what to expect, how to react and plan strategies to deal with different ways of working.

2. Selecting the Right Projects to Go Offshore

Some companies are taking a blanket approach to their offshore adventure, expecting to dispense with their internal IT development entirely. The problem is that not all projects lend themselves to offshore development. We understand that good candidates for going offshore are typically those projects that are either very well defined with very little change expected or repetitive work. Projects that require a large amount of customer interaction or are likely to have a lot of changes during development are not suitable. We can help you balance this mix of offshoring and our programme managers will continue to demonstrate that sitting next to you through the project life cycle.

3. Defining the Scope

Offshore projects need to be defined in more detail than those run at home are. You will get exactly what you ask for including all mistakes and errors, whether obvious or not. Make sure everything is written down and never make assumptions about what is obvious or implied. We ill help you achieve this spin off benefit in the quality of functional and technical specifications.

4. Getting What You Pay For

It is important to check whether the people and services you pay for are what you get. We will help get exactly what you are buying and also ensuring on a regular basis that is what you are getting.  You can surely expect our Project Managers to regularly plan visits to check that the working environment and equipment is as expected.

5. Effective Communication

This is probably the single most important aspect of offshore working. We will ensure lot of effort into setting up a good communications structure. It can be assumed that the correct information will be passed to the right people and we will make sure that it is to avoid problems later.

6. Monitoring Progress

The terms "offshore development" and "black box" should not be heard in the same sentence at Purplent. We will ensure that short milestones and frequent deliverables are created , so it's easier to monitor progress and quality and take timely corrective action.

Talk to us and we will help you execute successful offshore project achieving the cost and quality thresholds.