Executive Search

Talent dynamics

Attracting, developing, and ultimately retaining high quality talent impacts the bottom line of organizations much more today than it ever has in the past. Whether it's the imminent retirement of seasoned employees within a company, or it's the untempered expectations of newer employees, the pressure of leadership development and succession planning has led to a drastic philosophical change in the way businesses are choosing to manage their talent.

We understand that attracting; developing, and retaining talent is well worth the hit to the bottom line when that talented individual's work ultimately benefits the company. The challenge is to find that type of individual, and to pick him or her out in a crowded marketplace filled with opportunity. That is where executive search comes in. When done correctly, executive search will transform the talent pool of any business.

How are we different?

There are many agencies out there promising to positively impact companies by delivering high-caliber talent through executive search services they may offer. However, these agencies do not have the necessary business contacts needed in order to gain access to truly desired talent. In fact, in the end, the only impact these agencies will make is on a company's budget.

At Purplent, executive search is what we are truly great at. We are a talent search firm with extremely deep industry connections, and our expertise lies in identifying and hiring leadership-quality talent for major blue Chip companies in the Information Technology, Management Consulting and Financial services sectors.

Our methodologies

We work closely with our clients in order to fully understand the needs of the company, and the qualities they desire in a candidate.  We then conduct deep market analysis, present clients with multi-layered research reports, create detailed positions descriptions, and present continuously updated research reports.

In short, as we continually work with companies - tracking and closing requirements within pre-determined time frames, we are like virtual succession planners.

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