HR Consulting


Industry Dynamics

The world economy has become highly dynamic: businesses open and close, workers switch jobs and start new enterprises, and innovative technologies redefine the workplace and enhance productivity. With globalization markets have also become more interconnected. Measuring business activity in this rapidly evolving environment increasingly requires tracking complex interactions among firms, establishments, employers, and employees.

We at Purplent, help or clients achieve business transformation that aligns people, culture, processes and technology with their strategic objectives via next in class HR practices.

How are we different?

As the foremost Human Resources consultant, Purplent is dedicated to providing next in class HR solutions for businesses all over the world. Our experience and ability to create high quality, workable solutions has given us the edge in the HR consulting industry and our clients the ability to surpass their corporate goals.

Our strength is in our leadership and team-building skills, which provide a wide range of technology based HRIS solutions. Our clients range from new business start-ups in need of direction, to Fortune 500 companies in need of restructuring on an HR or corporate level.

Our methodologies

Purplent’s teams of dedicated professionals have the experience and natural ability to solve your company’s HR needs. With global experience in the latest HR trends, our staff is standing by to help take your company to the next level and beyond offering the HR sustainability and management options you need. We have solutions to help you achieve competitive heights in the functional and technical areas of human resource management. Our solutions will fit your global, local, cost effective and scalable needs.

HR Consulting Practices

  • Human Capital and Technology
  • Organisation Change Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Start-up Consulting
  • Process Excellence
  • Training and Development

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